Essential oils, diffusers and accessories


Essential oils

Essential oils are something only nature could inspire. Considered the life-force in every living plant, essential oils contain the soul, or essence, of the plant - the odor, taste and therapeutic properties. Extracted from the root, bark, wood, seed, flower, fruit, and leaf of freshly harvested plants, essential oils contain the plant's powerful benefits - their uses have been well documented for centuries and throughout the world. Our essential oils are organic (some are also non-organic) and are offered in 1/3rd and 4 ounce sizes.



Our essential oil diffusers are available in all types and sizes for use in the home, car and to wear. Candle diffusers are not only beautiful, but also versatile and very effective in providing a number of ways for one to practice aromatherapy. Electric diffusers have a broader range to use in your home or office. When inhaled, essential oils stimulate the olfactory and are perfect for use in creating moods.


Our essential oil accessories are perfect for all of your blending needs. We offer bottles of all sizes and books to create your perfect blend!